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Update from Sonoma County

Update from Sonoma County*

The fires are still active and still many people evacuated, but it feels like maybe we’ve crested the peak and are starting to see the other side. It’s really rough though. Bodies are being recovered, people are looking for their missing loved ones and pets, the first responders are on-on-on with little rest, and everyone is still in crisis mode and feeling the mental and physical fatigue that comes with that.

For reference, we’re an agricultural county with a population of just 500,000 people. Santa Rosa, the county seat, the city with whole neighborhoods burned to the ground, has 175,000. We’re a small community and this is going to impact us for years to come.

The light in all of this has been the absolutely incredible community support and cohesion. It has been truly amazing to see and hear of all the people going out and doing whatever they can, whether it’s cooking meals for the firefighters, playing music for the kids at the evacuation centers, or providing foster care for displaced livestock. And there’s SO much more.

Our incredible community is the real story here that I hope we can highlight when this is all done.

If you want to help Sonoma County from afar, it’s money for rebuilding that will be needed.

Here are the best places to give:

Redwood Credit Union is teamed up with Senator McGuire and the Press Democrat to raise funds for the victims of these fires who lost everything.

Sonoma County Office of Education will be coordinating funds for schools and students that lost everything.

Community Foundation Sonoma County started a fund, kick started by Facebook with $250,000, to address the mid to long-term needs of our community.