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Catalina Island Bound!

MyTherapyCompany had its annual Catalina Island Trip in August!

One of the highlights this year was a treasure hunt on the Island. Everyone broke up into teams and had a golfcart to chase down clues, pick up items like a eucalyptus leaf, a flyer, flower and other items. That was the easy part! Next we had to figure out some history of the Island, with a Questions section of the treasure hunt. Many of us were stumped on finding the amount of bricks on the snakes head (only attendees will understand this!!).

I think everyone figured out that the only way to answer questions about Catalina history was to find locals. The winning team consisted of Rob, his wife Teah, Karen and Shawnee. They won a box of delicious sliced caramel/white/milk/light and dark chocolate drizzled apples! Yum! Our event coordinator said we did better than any group he could remember as everyone got most of the questions and items correct. It just took some of us longer to do this, not mentioning any names…. 🙂

We had a wonderful lunch at Steve’s Steakhouse and afterwards folks had a choice of many events! Snorkeling was the most popular event and Michael McBurnie, our President, had the luck of being bit by a fish or many fish while feeding them under water from a large loaf of bread (he was warned about keeping the bread away from his body and out of the water!).

We are happy to report that no one got seasick on the trip over or back!!! Thanks to everyone who made the trip out – YOU are what makes MTC a great team!