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CHOCOLATE for your health!

You may have heard about the fat-burning benefits associated with dark chocolate due to it’s theobromine content.  Theobromine, a bitter alkaloid found naturally in dark chocolate, has been shown to suppress appetite and mobilize fatty acids to be burned as energy (without the stimulatory side effects of caffeine).

That said, what you may not know or realize is that dark chocolate can also boost your brain health as well!  It’s true, as dark chocolate is rich in antioxidant flavonoids, which help to fight against oxidative stress that deteriorates brain tissue over time.

In fact, in a recent Harvard Medical School study, researchers found that consuming antioxidant-rich dark chocolate daily was actually able to significantly reverse cognitive decline in seniors age 60+.

For best results, its recommended 1 – 2 squares of dark chocolate with a minimum of 70% cacoa (where the flavonoids are found) daily.  It’s also important to note that milk chocolate contains very few anti-oxidants, so if you’re looking for the fat burning and brain boosting benefits from chocolate, you need to reach for concentrated dark chocolate.