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Below you will find our Job Search hints & resources to help you on your way!  Visit often, as each week a new resource will be added!

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Week 15

Complete this Checklist Before Your First Day of Work
Congratulations! You got the job! Now what?

Week 14

Understanding Your CF License and Certification Requirements
Learn what you need in your State.

Week 13 

Follow These Interview Protocols for Success
Strategies for success: before, during and after the interview.

Week 12

Ask These Questions to Make Sure You Accept the Right Job!
Information to help you compare and evaluate job offers.    

Week 11

Prepare for Your Interview -Strategies for Being Your Best!
Strategies for computer, phone, Skype and in-person assessments and interviews.

Week 10 

Evaluate Your Options (How to decide if you want to interview BEFORE you send your resume.)
Research companies' opportunities before investing your time in an unacceptable job option.

Week 9

How to Make Sense of All the Job Posting Sites
All Those Jobs! Information helps you understand who you are talking with to ensure a positive interview experience and ultimately a great job!

Week 8

Make a Timeline for Your Job Search
Take stress out of your job search. Tackle tasks in order, one at a time.

Week 7

How to Write and Submit Your Best Resume
Tips to get through screening processes with a readable and effective resume.

Week 6 

What Information Should You Include in Your Cover Letter?
Tell your unique story to introduce yourself to your future employer.

Week 5

How to Make Sure Your References Help Secure Your Job Offer!
What your references say to your future employer can have a lasting impact on your career.

Week 4

Top 6 Ways to Use Social Media to Advance Your CF Job Search
Build a professional network to actively conduct your job search.

Week 3 

Top 7 Tips to Use Social Media in Your Job Search
Use one of the most powerful communication tools you have to connect with future employers.

Week 2

Help! I Need a Backup Plan!
Things to consider adjusting when the job search just isn't going according to plan – Location, Clinical Setting and Compensation.

Week 1 

Your Job Search Goals
Follow our easy steps to a stress-free job search! Set your priorities before you send out your resume to get the job you want.