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A New Approach to School-Based Articulation Therapy

His first study, on the remediation of /s/ and /z/, was published in the Journal of Perceptual and Motor Skills in October of 2013. ASHA NOMS indicate the time taken to remediate a single sound could take 17-20 hours. The research on SATPAC suggest that remediation of a single phoneme can be achieved within 2-3 hours of therapy (1X15 minutes per week). This reduction in therapy time is particulatrly revolutionary for school-based SLPs.

The 4 primary elements of the SATPAC approach include: use of non-sense words, facilitating contexts, practice, and speech rate. The necessity of these key elements has been repeatedly proven; however, no other approach combines them so succinctly. Recently, a group of therapists from Pasadena Unified School District attended the SATPAC training. Overall, therapists agreed the initial oral motor placement techniques would require some practice, but the structure of the programs would facilitate shorter sessions as well as provide clear-cut homework assignments for families.

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Contributed by Brittany Sheldon M.S. CCC-SLP, MyTherapyCompany