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Workshop Summary

  • Are you challenged by your complex and diverse workload and caseload?
  • Have you heard about a range of service delivery models such as integrated, diagnostic intervention, classroom-based, 3:1, RTI, collaboration, and others but are unsure of how or when to implement them in your program?
  • Do you have question about dosage (type, frequency, amount and duration of services) to provide for each student?

If your answer to either of these questions is YES!, you will enjoy this inter-professional workshop as we explore strategies and tools to help you meet the service delivery challenges you face each day.

Sweeping changes in schools create a need for school-based SLPs, OTs, PTs, and Special Educators to re-cast the way we provide services. In a nutshell, the major service delivery challenge we face is matching EACH student with the RIGHT service delivery model, the RIGHT providers, and the RIGHT evidence-based interventions.

Service delivery decisions may be influenced by personnel shortages; burgeoning requests for services for difficult populations, changes in our roles and responsibilities, core curriculum and IDEA requirements, parent and teacher expectations, complex scheduling demands, and litigation. The most important driving issue is the expectation that we achieve positive outcomes and that our services help students achieve their highest potential.



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